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Low Voltage

SKU: 29069
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Mesh Design Pathway Light

$39.99 USD

This Metal, Glass & Plastic Pathway Light with Mesh Design is a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and advanced lighting technology. A low-voltage marvel, this pathway light has been expertly designed to cast a captivating illumination in your outdoor spaces, reflecting both elegance and functionality.
LED(s) 36 x Amber SMDs & 36pc Flickering Flame LEDs
COLOR(s) Black
CONSTRUCTION Metal, Glass & Plastic
SIZE Length 5.91”, Width 5.91”, Height 22.24”, AG Height 16”,
WATTS 0.75 per unit
WARRANTY 12 Months

luxurious yet practical choice for anyone looking to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their outdoor spaces

Mesh Design Pathway Light

SKU: 29069

Constructed from resilient metal, clear glass, and sturdy plastic, this luminaire promises longevity without compromising on style. Its sophisticated black finish accentuates any landscape, serving as a timeless addition to both modern and classic outdoor decors. The frosted white glass lens is not just a design element but plays a pivotal role in producing a soft, ambient glow that adds depth and warmth to its surroundings. Driven by 36 Amber SMDs, this pathway light delivers a powerful 60 lumens of light, perfectly balanced by an additional 36-piece flickering flame effect. This juxtaposition of steady warmth and dynamic flame movement creates a mesmerizing visual experience that mimics the authentic dance of real flames. Its dimensions have been crafted for maximum visual impact: a length and width of 5.91 inches, an overall height of 22.24 inches, with an above-ground height of 16 inches. This ensures it stands tall and prominent, guiding your steps while being harmoniously integrated into its environment. Furthermore, the light comes equipped with a 12-inch AWG18 SPTW1W wire and a convenient quick connector, streamlining the installation process and ensuring you have everything you need to seamlessly integrate it into your outdoor setting. Whether it's creating a luminous trail along a garden path, accentuating architectural features, or simply adding a touch of charm to your evening setting, the Metal, Glass & Plastic Pathway Light with Mesh Design proves itself as a worthy contender. Immerse your outdoors in a dance of light and shadow, and witness the transformative power of purposeful design combined with innovative technology.

Mesh Design Pathway Light

36 x Amber SMDs & 36pc Flickering Flame LEDs

Metal, Glass & Plastic


60 Lumens


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