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SKU: 29066
UPC: 807464290660

Black Metal, Plastic & Glass Spotlight

$49.99 $39.99 USD

Equipped with a clear glass lens, the spotlight features a single warm white SMD LED that emits an impressive 450 lumens. This high lumen output makes it perfect for spotlighting focal points in your landscape, be it architectural features, garden statues, or tree canopies. The clear lens ensures optimal light transmission, delivering a focused and intense beam where you need it most.
LED(s) 1 x Warm White SMD
COLOR(s) Black
CONSTRUCTION Metal, Plastic & Glass
SIZE L - 5.31", W - 2.25", 11.02"
WATTS 5.4 per unit
WARRANTY 12 Months

With its robust construction of metal, glass, and plastic, it promises durability while exuding a timeless appeal

Black Metal, Plastic & Glass Spotlight

SKU: 29066

Its clear glass lens provides an unobstructed window to its powerful LED. Emitting a robust 450 lumens from a singular warm white SMD, this spotlight is poised to cast a substantial and focused beam of light, perfect for accentuating architectural features, illuminating key landscaping elements, or providing enhanced security in darker areas. Its compact design, with dimensions of 5.31 inches in length, 2.25 inches in width, and a height of 11.02 inches, ensures that while its presence is felt, it doesn't overwhelm the space it occupies. Equipped for a hassle-free installation, this unit comes with a 12-inch AWG18 SPTW1W wire and a quick connector. Operating at 5.4 watts per unit, it efficiently balances power with performance.

Black Metal, Plastic & Glass Spotlight

1 x Warm White SMD

Metal, Plastic & Glass


450 Lumens


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