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10 Pack Plastic Pathway / Spotlight Kit

$149.99 USD

Illuminate your outdoor space with our 10 Pack Plastic Pathway/Spotlight Kit. This set includes eight pathway lights and two spotlights, all made from durable black plastic with white textured lenses. The pathway lights cast a warm 35-lumen glow, while the spotlights shine at 55 lumens, perfect for highlighting landscape features or improving outdoor security
LED(s) Pathway - 2 x Warm White / Spotlight - 1 x Warm White
COLOR(s) Black
SIZE Pathway - Diam. 5.24”, Height 14.75” / Spotlight - Length 2.17”, Width 3.82”, Height 10.83"
WATTS Pathway - 2.5 per unit, Spotlight - 1.3 per unit
WARRANTY 12 Months
INCLUDES 8 Pathway Light Fixtures, 2 Spotlight Fixtured, 24W 12V Transformer with Photocell, and 50’ of 18 Gauge low voltage wire

Durable, stylish outdoor lighting for paths and key landscape features.

10 Pack Plastic Pathway / Spotlight Kit

SKU: 29105

Designed for elegance and efficiency, the pathway lights emit a soft, warm light, creating inviting walkways. The compact spotlights focus their beam precisely, ideal for accent lighting. The kit includes a 24W 12V transformer with a photocell and 50 feet of 18-gauge wire, ensuring easy installation and automated control. The pathway lights use 2.5 watts, and the spotlights 1.3 watts each, balancing energy efficiency with ample illumination.

10 Pack Plastic Pathway / Spotlight Kit

Pathway - 2 x Warm White / Spotlight - 1 x Warm White



35 / 55 Lumens


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