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Low Voltage

SKU: 29065
UPC: 807464290653

Black Metal, Plastic & Glass Spotlight

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The Black Metal, Glass & Plastic Spotlight is a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology, designed to brighten and elevate your outdoor spaces. Made from durable metal, glass, and plastic, it presents a sophisticated black finish that effortlessly suits any outdoor setting. With a clear glass lens, the spotlight emphasizes purity and clarity. This lens encases a warm white SMD LED that releases an impressive 250 lumens, providing potent illumination where it's most needed.
LED(s) 4 x Warm White SMDs
COLOR(s) Black
CONSTRUCTION Metal, Plastic and Glass
SIZE L - 4.13", W - 1.77", H - 11.02"
WATTS 3.5 per unit
WARRANTY 12 Months

The Black Metal, Glass & Plastic Spotlight is an embodiment of functional sophistication in low-voltage outdoor lighting

Black Metal, Plastic & Glass Spotlight

SKU: 29065

A clear glass lens encapsulates a powerful warm white SMD LED that emits a staggering 250 lumens. This high level of brightness makes the spotlight an ideal choice for various outdoor applications, be it for illuminating architectural features, garden sculptures, or simply to brighten up your outdoor area for increased security and visibility. The spotlight's compact dimensions, with a length of 4.13 inches, width of 1.77 inches, and height of 11.02 inches, allow for versatile placement options without being obtrusive. Despite its small size, the unit doesn't compromise on output, operating at 5.4 watts and offering robust illumination. Installation is simplified with the inclusion of a 12-inch AWG18 SPTW1W wire and a quick connector. Its low voltage requirement not only makes it safe but also energy-efficient, a conscientious choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. For homeowners seeking a blend of style and function, this Black Metal, Glass & Plastic Spotlight is a compelling choice. Its rich features and versatile applications make it an essential addition to any well-lit and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Black Metal, Plastic & Glass Spotlight

4 x Warm White SMDs

Metal, Plastic and Glass


250 Lumens


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