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SKU: 25977
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3 Bloom Metal Sunflower

The Solar 3 Bloom Metal Sunflower Stick Light is an enchanting embodiment of nature’s radiant charm, seamlessly merging art with cutting-edge technology. Crafted entirely from metal, its robust design showcases the vibrant hues of yellow and green, reminiscent of sun-kissed fields in full bloom. Each of the three meticulously designed sunflower blooms houses a warm white LED, exuding a gentle 3 lumens of light, replicating the soft glow of twilight. The amorphous solar panel, adeptly integrated, soaks up the sun’s rays during the day, charging the AAA rechargeable Ni-MH battery.
LED(s) 3 x Warm White LEDs
PANEL Amorphous
COLOR(s) Yellow & Green
SIZE L 13.77" , W 3.54" , H 50"
WARRANTY 12 Months

User Guide

Celebrate the splendor of nature day and night with this uniquely designed Solar 3 Bloom Metal Sunflower Stick Light

3 Bloom Metal Sunflower

SKU: 25977

As nightfall approaches, this beautiful light installation awakens, bathing its surroundings in a serene luminosity, ensuring both aesthetics and safety for up to 8 hours on a complete charge. Its dimensions, with a length of 13.78 inches, a width of 3.50 inches, and an impressive height of 50.0 inches, ensure the Sunflower Stick Light becomes a striking centerpiece, demanding admiration. Perfect for gardens, pathways, or as a standout feature within any landscape, it offers an effortless installation process and the peace of mind that comes with its weather-resilient build. Dive into a world where floral brilliance marries sustainable illumination, and let the Solar 3 Bloom Metal Sunflower Stick Light transform your outdoor space into a luminous wonderland.

3 Bloom Metal Sunflower

3 x Warm White LEDs



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