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SKU: 25662
UPC: 6 72376 25662 8 | MR UPC 8 07464 25662 8

Solar Mini Flame Tiki Torch

The Solar Mini Flame Tiki Torch is a captivating outdoor lighting solution that adds a tropical flair to any landscape. Designed to mimic the allure of a flickering flame, this pathway light creates an inviting ambiance that transports you to an island getaway right in your own backyard.
LED(s) 12 x Amber SMD Flickering LEDs
PANEL Amorphous
COLOR(s) Black
SIZE Diam. 2.95”, Height 19.49” Packaging:
WARRANTY 12 Months

Step outside and experience the magic and serenity offered by the Solar Mini Flame Tiki Torch

Solar Mini Flame Tiki Torch

SKU: 25662

Constructed of high-quality plastic, its sleek black exterior exudes sophistication, seamlessly fitting into a variety of outdoor décor themes. The amorphous solar panel effortlessly absorbs sunlight throughout the day, charging the 150mAh rechargeable NiMH 2/3 AAA battery that powers the mesmerizing display of 12 amber SMD flickering LEDs. These LEDs masterfully recreate the warm, moving glow of a real tiki flame. With a runtime of up to 8 hours on a full charge, this solar tiki torch is perfect for enhancing evening gatherings, lighting up walkways, or adding a romantic touch to outdoor dining settings. It provides not just illumination but also a sense of security and visibility, making navigating through your outdoor space effortless after the sun sets. With dimensions of a 2.95-inch diameter and a height of 19.49 inches, the Solar Mini Flame Tiki Torch is compact enough to be unobtrusive, yet tall enough to make a charming impact. Installation is a breeze, and its energy-efficient, weather-resistant features mean you can enjoy the entrancing light display without worrying about ongoing maintenance.

Solar Mini Flame Tiki Torch

12 x Amber SMD Flickering LEDs



Flickering Light


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