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Low Voltage

SKU: 29056
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Metal Well Light

$39.99 USD

Housing six SMD LEDs that generate a powerful 200 lumens, this well light is far from ordinary. One of its standout features is the Kelvin Selector Button, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to either 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K to match your lighting needs and mood preferences. Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere or bring a sense of clarity to outdoor spaces, this versatile feature gives you full control.
LED(s) 6 x SMD LEDs
COLOR(s) Black
SIZE Diam. 6”, Height 3.54”, Height AG 1”
WATTS 2.0 per unit
WARRANTY 12 Months
INCLUDES 12” - AWG18 SPTW1W Wire and Quick Connector

sleek and robust low-voltage outdoor lighting solution that effortlessly combines form and function

Metal Well Light

SKU: 29056

Encased within its pristine lens are 6 SMD LEDs, capable of casting a bright and impactful 200 lumens. Unique to this fixture is the Kelvin Selector Button, allowing you the flexibility to choose between 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K to best suit the mood or requirement of your outdoor space. With a discreet profile, this well light showcases dimensions of a 6-inch diameter and a total height of 3.54 inches. When installed, the above-ground height remains a subtle 1 inch, ensuring the light accentuates its surroundings without becoming obtrusive. Ease of installation is paramount, and this is facilitated with the inclusion of a 12-inch AWG18 SPTW1W wire and a quick connector. Moreover, its efficiency is evident as it illuminates your space at a mere consumption of 2.0 watts per unit. Perfect for uplighting trees, architectural features, or simply adding depth to your nighttime landscape, the Metal Well Light provides not only illumination but also the versatility to adapt to various ambiances. Illuminate with precision, versatility, and enduring style.

Metal Well Light

6 x SMD LEDs

Metal & Glass


200 Lumens


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