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SKU: 26154
UPC: 627987261547

Crackle Glass Stake Light

The Solar Crackle Glass Stake Light serves as a captivating focal point, gracefully enriching any pathway or garden. Crafted with a harmonious blend of metal, crackle glass, and sturdy plastic, its durable construction ensures longevity while delivering an unparalleled visual allure. Cloaked in a classic black finish, the stake light provides an elegant touch to any outdoor setting, offering a timeless look that transcends seasonal trends.
LED(s) 1 x Warm White SMD
PANEL Polycrystalline
COLOR(s) Black
CONSTRUCTION Metal, Plastic & Glass
SIZE D 6.70" , 21.65"
WARRANTY 12 Months

Bringing an enchanting twist to outdoor illumination, blending the timeless appeal of metal and crackle glass with cutting-edge technology

Crackle Glass Stake Light

SKU: 26154

Featuring a state-of-the-art polycrystalline solar panel, this stake light elegantly fuses modern technology with eco-friendly design. As the day transitions into dusk, the unit's single warm white SMD LED illuminates, casting an enchanting 12-lumen glow. The unique crackle glass lens takes this lighting experience to another level, dispersing the emitted light in captivating patterns that evoke the whimsy of fireflies or twinkling stars. Equipped with a reliable AA rechargeable Ni-MH battery, this solar stake light promises a steady radiance for up to 8 hours on a full charge, imbuing your outdoor gatherings or tranquil evenings with an uninterrupted ambiance. Thoughtfully designed for just the right presence, the light has a diameter of 6.70 inches and stands tall at a height of 21.65 inches, with an above-ground height of 15.35 inches. These proportions make it a standout addition to your garden or path without overshadowing the natural beauty of its environment. Whether you're aiming to softly illuminate a romantic garden path, define the boundaries of an outdoor space, or add a touch of magic to a special evening, the Solar Crackle Glass Stake Light is a versatile and stylish choice. Take a step into a world where elegance meets efficiency, and where your pathways are adorned with the spellbinding dance of light and shadow.

Crackle Glass Stake Light

1 x Warm White SMD

Metal, Plastic & Glass


12 Lumens


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