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SKU: 26438
UPC: 627987264388

Metal & Glass 3D Butterfly

The Solar Metal & Glass 3D Butterfly Stick Light is a visual symphony of form and light, designed to bring the natural elegance of butterflies into your garden. Crafted with meticulous care from resilient metal and vibrant glass, this intricate light stick offers a unique 3D representation of a butterfly that's nothing short of mesmerizing.
LED(s) 6 x Warm White Microdot
PANEL Polycrystalline
COLOR(s) Blue & Yellow
SIZE L 9.87" , W 1.77 , H 35.80
WARRANTY 12 Months

Step into the realm where the beauty of nature meets technological innovation, and elevate your outdoor setting.

Metal & Glass 3D Butterfly

SKU: 26438

The Solar Metal Crane Stick Light is a magnificent representation of both art and technology, perfectly encapsulating the grace and poise of its avian inspiration. Sculpted with precision from durable metal and embellished with colorful glass, this outdoor light fixture effortlessly blends utility with beauty, adding an extraordinary touch to any garden, pathway, or patio. Available in an array of captivating colors, the stick light resonates with the natural world while adding a sophisticated hue to your outdoor décor. Its amorphous solar panel is expertly incorporated into its design, converting sunlight into stored energy within its AA rechargeable NiMH battery. What sets this stick light apart is its unique color-changing LED. Emitting an ever-changing palette of hues, this luminaire captures the eye and holds attention, reflecting different moods and seasons. With a runtime of up to 8 hours on a full charge, it offers a prolonged period of visual enchantment, as well as increased visibility and security during nighttime hours.

Metal & Glass 3D Butterfly

6 x Warm White Microdot

Metal & Glass


6 Lumens


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