Turns on at Dusk
Lumens Vary
1 x Color Changing LEDs


Metal Crane



This fixture features durable metal & glass construction with a copper, blue and green coat finish.


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Metal & Glass


Copper, Blue and Green




1 x Color Changing LEDs


1 x AA 300mAh


Up to 8 hours


L 11.22" , W 3.15" , H 38.98"

Turns on at Dusk
Lumens Vary
1 x Color Changing LEDs

Many people like to think of their gardens as a sanctuary where they can escape stress. For centuries gardens have been used as a place of healing, peace and solitude. It is not only the plants and flowers that you add to your garden which can give the area a peaceful and almost magical feel. The garden lighting and décor you choose can also help you create a magical backyard.


Outdoor entertaining can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. Moonrays Garden Lights can set the mood for your entire evening, and in a subtle way helps contribute to the lovely memories you and your family will be creating together.

How Solar


It’s easy to see why solar garden lighting is so popular and practical. You don’t have to pay for electricity, and you don’t need to install any wiring in most cases. Simply take the light out of the box, and put it beside your walkway, in your garden, or any desired location on your property, and you are done.  

All of our products feature LED and advanced solar technologies for exceptional illumination and extra-long run times.

  • During the day

    The solar panel charges the battery creating electrical power. Each solar panel converts sunlight energy into electricity, and replenishes the solar rechargeable battery during the day.

  • At dusk

    At night, the photocell (light sensing device) or solar panel, sensing the absence of light, turns on the solar garden accent light using the electricity stored during the day. The more sunlight the fixture gets, the stronger the charge will be and the longer your fixture will illuminate at night

  • Fixture location

    Install fixtures in a location where the solar panel gets full and direct sunlight. The brighter and more direct sunlight, the better the battery will charge. Do not install in a shady area. The solar panel should receive a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight per day for optimal performance at night. Be sure that the location of the fixture is not near nighttime light sources such as street lights or porch lights. These light sources may cause the fixture to turn off. ​