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Your solar garden lights are a great investment that adds beauty and safety to your home and outdoor living space.




Solar LED outdoor lighting offered from Moonrays come in a variety of styles and designs to fit any taste. Some of our path lights are designed to bring elegance to your yard, while traditional Tiered Path Lights bring a classic look.

Our Round Metal Deck Light can help light up your outdoor living spaces on patios, porches and decks to add extra entertaining space to your home and keep the party going long after dark. Accent lighting is never dim, but always brilliant, with our super bright spots.


All Moonrays solar garden lights utilize LED (light emitting diode) technology to provide light. LED's are highly efficient sources of light, cool to the touch and do not require replacement.


There is virtually no maintenance required for solar lights. All our solar lights turn on automatically at dusk and will stay on up to 8 hours. Each light has a small photocell device built-in to the fixture. This component senses when the light level is low and switches the light on.

Solar Panel Types

Solar panels are currently one of three types: polycrystalline ( also known as multi-crystalline), amorphous, and monocrystalline . These solar panels vary in how they’re made, appearance, performance, and costs.


Low Voltage


Low Voltage

Great looking landscaping and accents do not mean huge extra expenses.

Moonrays Low Voltage LED is the perfect combination of beautiful lighting and cost effective energy saving technology. Not only will this technology save money on energy consumption, unlike traditional lighting our bulbs do not need to be replaced.


Moonrays Low Voltage lighting options bring a new dimension of landscape creativity to your home.


Our super simple installation process is an easy one person job for a sunny weekend afternoon. If you do have questions about installation, you will find lots of helpful tips and tricks in our Low Voltage video.