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Birch Firepit Log, 3pk91477Flickering red LEDs looks like real embers and add the perfect ambiance.Each day, rays from the sun recharge the included NiCd battery. At dusk, the battery activates to turn on the included LED bulb inside the unit.Find the perfect spot around your patio that gets sunlight for at least 6-8 hours each day. Make sure the logs' solar panels are facing the sun.For best effect, install a number of solar logs in your firepit.Failure to remove the logs before burning actual logs will destroy the product.Each log measures 17.7 inches ling and approximately 3 inches in diameter.2.8017.703.102.80LEDLEDRedN/AN/AN/AN/APolyresinSolarNiCdYesPolyresinBirch6-8 hours on full chargeNoFirepitColor Box29147492280912789232391205