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Our incredible breadth of on-trend products is designed for confident decorating with collections that carry a look throughout a home, inside and out. These options provide for design flexibility, allowing you to apply lighting in ways that best enhance the design and function of your space.

We utilize the latest solar and battery powered technology. Maximizing higher lumens for better output, ni-mh/lithium batteries for a greener choice and longer true light output.

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Since 1986, we have forged close relationships with over millions of customers allowing us to gain a wide experience marketing vastly different product types and services from various industries, locally, regionally and globally.

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At Moonrays, we take pride in our quality, innovation, style and technology of our products, bringing functional, decorative lighting solutions and home décor into everyday life.


All of our products feature LED and advanced solar technologies for exceptional illumination and extra-long run times.


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