Oct 31
Keeping Your Yard Safe and Beautiful This Winter


With winter around the corner, it is time to start thinking of how best to prepare your yard for the cold days ahead. Simply ignoring landscaping tasks during the fall and winter will double or even triple the amount of work waiting for you come next spring. With a little creativity and work, even your winter yard can be a beautiful asset to your home.

Clean Up - Removing leaves, dead plants, and other debris from your yard and flower beds will go a long way toward avoiding that drab, dead winter look that most people hate during colder months. Even if your yard and flowerbeds are not lush during winter, a neat clean area looks much better than a messy one.  Clean up now so you can have a fresh start next spring.

Enjoying Winter Plants - Winter does have to be the end of your gardening year. There are plenty of winter plants that thrive in the colder temperatures. Holly, and Winter Berries are a great way to embrace the winter season with colorful, hearty outdoor landscaping.  Against a back drop of snow these beautiful berries add a much needed splash of color to winter yards.

Snow Safety and Management - If you live in a region that gets much snow, you will want to stay on top of shoveling. Shoveling snow regularly will also help keep your family and visitors safer when navigating your driveways and pathways. Handy Red Driveway Markers from Moonrays are a great way to make sure your driveway, and pathways stay safely visible when under snow.   This Moonrays product even has a blinking LED feature that can be turned off and on to make sure no one misses your driveway on special occasions.

Don't give up on your yard this winter. Check out great landscaping products at Moonrays to keep your yard interesting and safe this winter.​

Oct 20
Best Outdoor Autumn Ideas


Autumn is a fun time of year for outdoor decorating and entertaining. If you want your house and landscaping to really stand out this fall, try some of these great outdoor autumn ideas.

Pumpkins may seem old hat when it comes to outdoor fall decorating, but with a little out of the box thinking, pumpkins can actually become amazing autumn works of art, adding beauty and lighting to your outdoor area. Traditional jack-o-lanterns are a still a favorite with most people.  Once they are carved, place a Moonrays battery-powered candles inside for a spooky glow to your autumn yard. This safe alternative to real candles includes a timer function to make sure your pumpkins light up every night during the season.

If you are looking for something a little classier than a jack-o-lantern, why not try creating beautiful pumpkin luminaries?  Pumpkin luminaries are created quite easily with a simple power drill. Once your pumpkin is cleaned out, use the power drill to create intricate designs in your pumpkin made of tiny holes. Add a Moonrays candle and watch your pumpkin luminary will fill your yard with a sensational fall light show.

Stay Safe in the Dark - In addition to lots of fun family events, autumn also brings less daylight hours.  This could create a safety issue in your yard.  Make sure guests to your home can safely navigate your outdoor space with Moonrays path lights. They add extra lighting on walkways and outdoor living spaces.  

Oct 03
How to Maintain Solar Garden Lights
91657 (1).jpg

​Your solar garden lights are great investment that adds beauty and safety to your home and outdoor living space. To best protect that investment proper maintenance is needed. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your Moonrays outdoor lighting in its best shape all year long.

Battery Replacement - Each Moonrays lighting fixture comes with long lasting, batteries which are perfectly suited to your Moonrays product. They are designed to last a little over a year at optimum performance.  Replacing batteries annually contributes to the best and brightest lighting. Be sure when you replace batteries you are using the proper type, size and mAh rating.   We recommend replacing with Moonrays branded batteries to endure that the battery is designed to work with a solar garden light.

Clean Lighting- Another important aspect of maintaining your outdoor lighting, is to keep your lighting units clean. Over time dirt, grime, and dust can build up. This build up can prevent your Moonrays products from giving out their brightest light. Moonrays products can be gently cleaned once or twice a year with warm water and a soft cloth. Moonrays products are made to be durable and withstand the elements, but gentle, occasional cleaning will make your products shine year round.

Area Maintenance - In order to get the best performance from your Moonrays products, it is also important to properly maintain the area surrounding your lighting unit. Weeds and running vines should be kept off of the lighting unit itself.  Very vigorous running vines such as Wisteria can even damage the lighting fixture. Keep running vines cut back away from lighting features and control weeds so your Moonrays products can shine at their brightest.  If they are not going to be enjoying their backyard during the winter months, some people even bring their solar garden lights inside during the winter to prolong the life of the unit.   

Sep 20
Stepping Stone Beauty


When you are planning your summer garden you may be thinking of the plants, flowers and decor you want to use. But to truly create a memorable garden environment don't forget what is under your feet. Moonrays stepping stones can create a wonderful, artful addition to your garden that really makes your outdoor living area beautiful.

Creating pathways in your garden using stepping stones can help you to accentuate certain aspects of your garden which you want to bring attention to. They also help to organize the space you have to work with. Stepping stones are useful in large gardens to lay out the area in which you want visitors treading and it will help them avoid the areas you do not want trampled.

If you are looking for something a little more unique, Moonrays offers stepping stones with a lighted feature.  The beacon in the lighthouse glows on the nautical themed stone (#91663) and the owls eyes glow at night in the woodland owl stone (#91664). 

Sep 05
Designer Spotlight: Chris Emmert


Chris Emmert's motto is, "Mosaic art made with all things cool!" Cool definitely describes this one-of-a-kind art she creates using broken glass, metal, jewels and other found materials. Emmert who is a self- taught mosaic artist, creates her master pieces set on stone. The whimsical designs are based on nature, animals, hearts and many other themes. Her beautiful works of art creates stunning additions to homes and gardens.

Moonrays offers an exclusive solar garden light line which incorporates Chris Emmert's stunning mosaic designs. Although original Emmert pieces are composed of stone, glass and metal, Moonrays has taken these breathtaking designs and recreated them into durable polyresin garden stones. LEDs brings these beautiful works of art to life in your garden each night.

Chris Emmert Designs from Moonrays include crosses, hearts, birds, birdhouses and more. No matter what your garden design, there is a Chris Emmert Designs LED light that will fit your style and bring your garden to life each evening with artful light.

Aug 22
Bringing Magic Into Your Garden


Many people like to think of their gardens as a sanctuary where they can escape stress. For centuries gardens have been used as a place of healing, peace and solitude.

It is not only the plants and flowers which you add to your garden which can give the area a peaceful and almost magical feel.  The garden lighting and décor you choose can also help you create a magical backyard. Here are a few ways to bring a little more magic into your garden.

Color -  Adding colorful decor to your garden will give a surprising lift in spirits that seems almost magical. Brightly colored benches for sitting and colored planters can turn an ordinary garden into a truly whimsical place. Moonrays offers more ways to add color with globes that change color at night, or artglass globes that add brilliant color during the day and ambient light at night.

Lighting - Light can always add a touch of soft magic to the evening garden. One unique way is to make homemade luminaries. Luminaries can be easily created with softly colored or decorated jars, or even a tin can decorated with whimsical hole punched designs. Add a Moonrays flameless tea light candle for a few hours of magical, flickering effects. ​

Aug 01
Light Up Your Outdoor Parties
Outdoor entertaining can be a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Moonrays Garden Lights can help set the mood for your entire evening, and in a subtle way helps contribute to the lovely memories you and your family will be creating together. The following tips will help you make the most of your outdoor garden lighting to create amazing night time entertaining.

Consider Your Space - Before choosing an outdoor lighting option, you should take into consideration the space you will have available. Often small spaces can be overpowered by heavy duty outdoor lighting and instead of adding ambience it can actually take away from the entire event.  Small spaces benefit most from soft candle light or understated patio lanterns. This type of lighting is great for small intimate gatherings in limited space. ​

If you have a larger party space available you will want to make sure that the lighting you provide is sufficient to keep your guests safe as they navigate around your event.  If you are using umbrella tables to serve your guests, you can highlight each with a festive pop of color using Moonrays umbrella clip lights. String Lights can also be draped along patio railings, throughout trees, and above outdoor living areas.

Consider Your Event - If you are hoping to create a certain type of atmosphere at your outdoor event, your lighting can be a huge contributing factor. Using versatile outdoor lighting such as decorative jar lights can be customized in many ways to suit the specific theme and tone of your get together. Decorating your jars can be a fun prelude to your event, and gives you the freedom to add your own special touches to your outdoor design. Undecorated, the jars add a soft, classy glow to any outdoor time.

Jun 22


If you have hesitated adding outdoor lighting to your landscape because you think installation is a hassle, you have not seen the easy installation process of Moonrays Low Voltage Products. Our Low Voltage path lights, deck and patio lights are easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain. If you are ready to take your landscaping to the next level with great Low Voltage outdoor lighting, here are a few installation tips and tricks to get you started.  

Easy Measurements:  It can be difficult to get the tape measure to bend and curve around landscapes.  Purchase a low-cost spool of string and lay it out along the path you want your lights to take.  Remove and measure the total length and that will be the amount of low-voltage cable you will need.  We suggest buying about 5-10 feet extra, in case your plans change a little as you install the lights.

Light Fixture Placement:  Using that same string along the designated path, mark the location that you want to place each fixture with a piece of tape.  Now you have the perfect map for your project.

Attaching Fixture to the Cable:  Did you know that you can sit inside and hook up your lights?  Bring that same string inside, lay it out in the floor beside your low voltage landscape cable.  Then in the cool comfort of your home, you can attach the fixtures to the cable at the places you marked with the tape.  Once all the fixtures are attached, you can take the entire set outside and install. 

Installing the Fixture into the Ground:  Press the stakes securely in the area you wish to light by pressing around the base of the stake.  Never press on the top of the fixture. If the ground is too hard, slowly pour hot water on the soil until it softens up.

Once installed, you are ready to enjoy your new Moonrays Low Voltage lights for many years to come.

Jun 16


Why LED Low Voltage?

Great looking landscaping and accents do not mean huge extra expenses. Many homeowners avoid outdoor lighting for fear that it will simply add another chore to their life and more energy expense to their budget. Moonrays has the perfect solution with Low Voltage LED.

Moonrays Low Voltage LED is the perfect combination of beautiful lighting and cost effective energy saving technology.  Not only will this technology save money on energy consumption, but batteries do not need to be replaced like in solar lighting and bulbs do not need to be replaced like in traditional incandescent low voltage lighting.  

Our super simple installation process is an easy one person job for a sunny weekend afternoon. Ease of installation opens up tons of new outdoor lighting options for any homeowner. If you do have questions about installation, you will find lots of helpful tips and tricks in our Customer Service Video Library.

The Low Voltage LED outdoor lighting offered from Moonrays come in a variety of styles and designs to fit any taste. Path lights such as the Parkway brings elegance to your yard, while traditional Tiered Path Lights bring a classic look.  Our Round Metal Deck Light can help light up your outdoor living spaces on patios, porches and decks to add extra entertaining space to your home and keep the party going long after dark.  Accent lighting is never dim, but always brilliant, with our super bright spots in 337 lumens and 850 lumens.

If you are ready to take your landscaping to the next level with great outdoor lighting, Moonrays has the easy-to-install Low Voltage LED options you are looking for.

Jun 08
Planning Your Low Voltage Project


Planning an outdoor lighting project can be lots of fun, and with good organization and timing your outdoor lighting can become a beautiful part of your landscaping. Moonrays Low Voltage LED products can be planted any time of year, but most people find spring through early fall an ideal time to start thinking about changes you want to make to your landscaping or to your outdoor lighting plans.

You will want to install your lighting when the ground is workable. Frozen ground or muddy ground will not be ideal for your project. If you are working with very dry ground, then you will want to add some water to the ground first to soften the area and make it easier to work with.

Moonrays Low Voltage LED products such as path lights, can be used in any area of your yard. Keep in mind, however, if you have planted new landscaping elements to your yard such as shrubs, vines or flower beds that you should work with a five year plan in mind. Most landscaping is not mature for five years, so make room in your plans for plant growth around your Moonrays products.  Also remember that your planning now does not have to be your final plan. With so many great products to choose from you can continue adding to your outdoor lighting plan over time.

Moonrays low voltage lighting options bring a new dimension of landscaping creativity to your home that not only adds beauty to your home, but in most cases will also add value to your home. 

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