Jun 08
Planning Your Low Voltage Project


Planning an outdoor lighting project can be lots of fun, and with good organization and timing your outdoor lighting can become a beautiful part of your landscaping. Moonrays Low Voltage LED products can be planted any time of year, but most people find spring through early fall an ideal time to start thinking about changes you want to make to your landscaping or to your outdoor lighting plans.

You will want to install your lighting when the ground is workable. Frozen ground or muddy ground will not be ideal for your project. If you are working with very dry ground, then you will want to add some water to the ground first to soften the area and make it easier to work with.

Moonrays Low Voltage LED products such as path lights, can be used in any area of your yard. Keep in mind, however, if you have planted new landscaping elements to your yard such as shrubs, vines or flower beds that you should work with a five year plan in mind. Most landscaping is not mature for five years, so make room in your plans for plant growth around your Moonrays products.  Also remember that your planning now does not have to be your final plan. With so many great products to choose from you can continue adding to your outdoor lighting plan over time.

Moonrays low voltage lighting options bring a new dimension of landscaping creativity to your home that not only adds beauty to your home, but in most cases will also add value to your home.