Oct 31
Keeping Your Yard Safe and Beautiful This Winter


With winter around the corner, it is time to start thinking of how best to prepare your yard for the cold days ahead. Simply ignoring landscaping tasks during the fall and winter will double or even triple the amount of work waiting for you come next spring. With a little creativity and work, even your winter yard can be a beautiful asset to your home.

Clean Up - Removing leaves, dead plants, and other debris from your yard and flower beds will go a long way toward avoiding that drab, dead winter look that most people hate during colder months. Even if your yard and flowerbeds are not lush during winter, a neat clean area looks much better than a messy one.  Clean up now so you can have a fresh start next spring.

Enjoying Winter Plants - Winter does have to be the end of your gardening year. There are plenty of winter plants that thrive in the colder temperatures. Holly, and Winter Berries are a great way to embrace the winter season with colorful, hearty outdoor landscaping.  Against a back drop of snow these beautiful berries add a much needed splash of color to winter yards.

Snow Safety and Management - If you live in a region that gets much snow, you will want to stay on top of shoveling. Shoveling snow regularly will also help keep your family and visitors safer when navigating your driveways and pathways. Handy Red Driveway Markers from Moonrays are a great way to make sure your driveway, and pathways stay safely visible when under snow.   This Moonrays product even has a blinking LED feature that can be turned off and on to make sure no one misses your driveway on special occasions.

Don't give up on your yard this winter. Check out great landscaping products at Moonrays to keep your yard interesting and safe this winter.​