Oct 20
Best Outdoor Autumn Ideas


Autumn is a fun time of year for outdoor decorating and entertaining. If you want your house and landscaping to really stand out this fall, try some of these great outdoor autumn ideas.

Pumpkins may seem old hat when it comes to outdoor fall decorating, but with a little out of the box thinking, pumpkins can actually become amazing autumn works of art, adding beauty and lighting to your outdoor area. Traditional jack-o-lanterns are a still a favorite with most people.  Once they are carved, place a Moonrays battery-powered candles inside for a spooky glow to your autumn yard. This safe alternative to real candles includes a timer function to make sure your pumpkins light up every night during the season.

If you are looking for something a little classier than a jack-o-lantern, why not try creating beautiful pumpkin luminaries?  Pumpkin luminaries are created quite easily with a simple power drill. Once your pumpkin is cleaned out, use the power drill to create intricate designs in your pumpkin made of tiny holes. Add a Moonrays candle and watch your pumpkin luminary will fill your yard with a sensational fall light show.

Stay Safe in the Dark - In addition to lots of fun family events, autumn also brings less daylight hours.  This could create a safety issue in your yard.  Make sure guests to your home can safely navigate your outdoor space with Moonrays path lights. They add extra lighting on walkways and outdoor living spaces.