Sep 20
Stepping Stone Beauty


When you are planning your summer garden you may be thinking of the plants, flowers and decor you want to use. But to truly create a memorable garden environment don't forget what is under your feet. Moonrays stepping stones can create a wonderful, artful addition to your garden that really makes your outdoor living area beautiful.

Creating pathways in your garden using stepping stones can help you to accentuate certain aspects of your garden which you want to bring attention to. They also help to organize the space you have to work with. Stepping stones are useful in large gardens to lay out the area in which you want visitors treading and it will help them avoid the areas you do not want trampled.

If you are looking for something a little more unique, Moonrays offers stepping stones with a lighted feature.  The beacon in the lighthouse glows on the nautical themed stone (#91663) and the owls eyes glow at night in the woodland owl stone (#91664).