Oct 03
How to Maintain Solar Garden Lights
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​Your solar garden lights are great investment that adds beauty and safety to your home and outdoor living space. To best protect that investment proper maintenance is needed. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your Moonrays outdoor lighting in its best shape all year long.

Battery Replacement - Each Moonrays lighting fixture comes with long lasting, batteries which are perfectly suited to your Moonrays product. They are designed to last a little over a year at optimum performance.  Replacing batteries annually contributes to the best and brightest lighting. Be sure when you replace batteries you are using the proper type, size and mAh rating.   We recommend replacing with Moonrays branded batteries to endure that the battery is designed to work with a solar garden light.

Clean Lighting- Another important aspect of maintaining your outdoor lighting, is to keep your lighting units clean. Over time dirt, grime, and dust can build up. This build up can prevent your Moonrays products from giving out their brightest light. Moonrays products can be gently cleaned once or twice a year with warm water and a soft cloth. Moonrays products are made to be durable and withstand the elements, but gentle, occasional cleaning will make your products shine year round.

Area Maintenance - In order to get the best performance from your Moonrays products, it is also important to properly maintain the area surrounding your lighting unit. Weeds and running vines should be kept off of the lighting unit itself.  Very vigorous running vines such as Wisteria can even damage the lighting fixture. Keep running vines cut back away from lighting features and control weeds so your Moonrays products can shine at their brightest.  If they are not going to be enjoying their backyard during the winter months, some people even bring their solar garden lights inside during the winter to prolong the life of the unit.