Aug 22
Bringing Magic Into Your Garden


Many people like to think of their gardens as a sanctuary where they can escape stress. For centuries gardens have been used as a place of healing, peace and solitude.

It is not only the plants and flowers which you add to your garden which can give the area a peaceful and almost magical feel.  The garden lighting and décor you choose can also help you create a magical backyard. Here are a few ways to bring a little more magic into your garden.

Color -  Adding colorful decor to your garden will give a surprising lift in spirits that seems almost magical. Brightly colored benches for sitting and colored planters can turn an ordinary garden into a truly whimsical place. Moonrays offers more ways to add color with globes that change color at night, or artglass globes that add brilliant color during the day and ambient light at night.

Lighting - Light can always add a touch of soft magic to the evening garden. One unique way is to make homemade luminaries. Luminaries can be easily created with softly colored or decorated jars, or even a tin can decorated with whimsical hole punched designs. Add a Moonrays flameless tea light candle for a few hours of magical, flickering effects. ​