Aug 01
Light Up Your Outdoor Parties
Outdoor entertaining can be a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Moonrays Garden Lights can help set the mood for your entire evening, and in a subtle way helps contribute to the lovely memories you and your family will be creating together. The following tips will help you make the most of your outdoor garden lighting to create amazing night time entertaining.

Consider Your Space - Before choosing an outdoor lighting option, you should take into consideration the space you will have available. Often small spaces can be overpowered by heavy duty outdoor lighting and instead of adding ambience it can actually take away from the entire event.  Small spaces benefit most from soft candle light or understated patio lanterns. This type of lighting is great for small intimate gatherings in limited space. ​

If you have a larger party space available you will want to make sure that the lighting you provide is sufficient to keep your guests safe as they navigate around your event.  If you are using umbrella tables to serve your guests, you can highlight each with a festive pop of color using Moonrays umbrella clip lights. String Lights can also be draped along patio railings, throughout trees, and above outdoor living areas.

Consider Your Event - If you are hoping to create a certain type of atmosphere at your outdoor event, your lighting can be a huge contributing factor. Using versatile outdoor lighting such as decorative jar lights can be customized in many ways to suit the specific theme and tone of your get together. Decorating your jars can be a fun prelude to your event, and gives you the freedom to add your own special touches to your outdoor design. Undecorated, the jars add a soft, classy glow to any outdoor time.