Jun 22


If you have hesitated adding outdoor lighting to your landscape because you think installation is a hassle, you have not seen the easy installation process of Moonrays Low Voltage Products. Our Low Voltage path lights, deck and patio lights are easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain. If you are ready to take your landscaping to the next level with great Low Voltage outdoor lighting, here are a few installation tips and tricks to get you started.  

Easy Measurements:  It can be difficult to get the tape measure to bend and curve around landscapes.  Purchase a low-cost spool of string and lay it out along the path you want your lights to take.  Remove and measure the total length and that will be the amount of low-voltage cable you will need.  We suggest buying about 5-10 feet extra, in case your plans change a little as you install the lights.

Light Fixture Placement:  Using that same string along the designated path, mark the location that you want to place each fixture with a piece of tape.  Now you have the perfect map for your project.

Attaching Fixture to the Cable:  Did you know that you can sit inside and hook up your lights?  Bring that same string inside, lay it out in the floor beside your low voltage landscape cable.  Then in the cool comfort of your home, you can attach the fixtures to the cable at the places you marked with the tape.  Once all the fixtures are attached, you can take the entire set outside and install. 

Installing the Fixture into the Ground:  Press the stakes securely in the area you wish to light by pressing around the base of the stake.  Never press on the top of the fixture. If the ground is too hard, slowly pour hot water on the soil until it softens up.

Once installed, you are ready to enjoy your new Moonrays Low Voltage lights for many years to come.